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Conduct Your Move With Ease

When it comes to preparing for the big move, order boxes and other packing materials from Total Moving Solutions. We have all the necessary packaging to ensure the safe transit of items of all types, from fragile and delicate belongings to bulky furniture. Our boxes are available for delivery but can also be picked up at our depot in Brisbane.

Moving bags, port-a-robes, archive boxes – whatever you need for moving house or storage, our team can provide. We also offer in-depth advice about which boxes and storage solutions are best suited for your needs. From books to files – it’s important to pack smart when moving your home or business.

Assisting moves of all sizes

At Total Moving Solutions, we assist moves of all sizes across Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. From full house relocations to students moving to attend university, we have the packing solutions to suit a range of requirements.

Each of our boxes is available to purchase individually or as part of a multipack, so you are equipped with enough boxes for your move. They can be dismantled for flatpack storage and reused at a later date, so are ideal for those who move frequently or are on short term leases, such as students.

Our flexible packing solutions are ideal for both domestic and commercial use, with boxes available that are ideal for relocating office equipment and documents. We offer competitive prices for bulk orders and are available to discuss your moving requirements and provide expert advice and assistance. Call the Total Moving Solutions team today on 1300 100 (TMS) 867 to find out more.

Different Sizes Of Moving Boxes
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Tips for moving day

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we know all of the tips and tricks to make your moving day run smoothly.

  • Label your boxes: Avoid a stack of boxes cluttering up your entryway and use a permanent marker to label boxes with the room they need to go to. This helps your movers to correctly unload your boxes and saves you time in the future.

  • Use a Safe Spot Box: Our Safe Spot Boxes are clearly labelled so you can find everything you need for the first day in your new property. This is the perfect place to store your kettle, tea bags and favourite mug, as well as any important documents you’ll need for moving day.

  • Mark fragile boxes: You don’t want to reach your new home to find your belongings have been damaged during transit. Our Fragile boxes are clearly labelled to keep their contents safe.

  • Invest in a moving trolley: Moving day can be long and arduous, so avoid putting unnecessary strain on your back during the process. Invest in a moving trolley to easily transport heavy boxes from A to B once you arrive on site.

  • Cover your furniture: Prevent scuffs to your furniture by using protective covers during transit. This also prevents dust and dirt from being brought into your new property on furniture and is ideal for mattresses and sofas that don’t easily wipe clean.

Packing Accessories

Our box shop stocks everything you need for an efficient move, including premium packing materials at competitive prices. Available in various quantities to suit moves of all sizes, our packing materials and accessories help to protect your belongings and keep you organised on the big day.

Pad out your boxes with packing paper, or wrap fragile items in bubble wrap to minimise impact and prevent damage. We also stock furniture covers and pads for the safe transportation of bulkier items.

Keep boxes safely sealed until you’re ready to unpack with our heavy-duty packing tape, and opt for a tape dispenser for efficient packing. We also stock mover bands and utility rope to keep your belongings secure whilst in transit. Clearly label the content of boxes using a permanent marker, and ensure you have box cutters handy when it’s time to unpack.

Browse our packing accessories to ensure your move is as efficient as possible.

Packing Box And Different Tapes
Total Moving Solutions — Expert Removalists in Brisbane, QLD

Our Products

Total Moving Solutions offers the following boxes and packaging materials:

Our removalist boxes are made from sustainable and recycled materials and are ideal for both transit as well as long-term storage.

When determining what boxes to purchase for your relocation, it’s important to have a think about all of the items you will be packing, moving and storing, so you can get the order right the first time. Talk to our friendly team of removalists for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our archive boxes come with a reinforced base. This is ideal if you are storing personal or business files that need to last into the future.

Our versatile large packing box is great for bulky items that are light, like clothing, whereas our small packing box is better for heavy items like books and appliances.

Yes. We have storage facilities in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Our team can provide packaging, as well as packing and storing your items.

No. You can simply order our packing materials, separate to our removalist service.

Yes, our boxes are made of the highest quality materials and will keep your belongings safe and secure on even the longest journeys. Simply ensure the size and weight of your box is permissible with your courier and our premium boxes will take care of the rest.

Our boxes are made using premium cardboard and are designed to safely hold your belongings without breaking open. Each of our boxes is made to hold various bulks and is suitable for both transportation and storage purposes. For advice on which of our boxes best suits your needs, contact the Total Moving Solutions team.

We recommend that each box weighs a maximum of 25kg, as any more than this may result in injury to the individual lifting the box. If you are concerned that your boxes may be too heavy to safely lift, purchase a moving trolley from our store. With a one tonne capacity and heavy-duty wheels, our trolley is ideal for transporting heavy, bulky items.