Moving house can feel exciting – especially when it’s such a big move as going interstate. Starting some new and making a place to call home is one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences we can go through.

Moving interstate is a big job, one that requires some careful planning and the proper support so you can ensure you set yourself up for success from the get-go.

Here are our top tips for planning your big interstate move:

Planning your big move

Before you start any packing at all, it’s a good idea to make a plan for how you want to tackle things. Plan out each room and inventory all the larger furniture pieces you want to take with you. Create a spreadsheet and list everything that will be coming with you, room by room.

If you decide you have furniture pieces you no longer want in the process of moving and packing, consider putting these on places like Gumtree or Facebook marketplace if they’re in good condition. For any items that are no longer usable, you may need to plan a trip to your local tip to dispose of these items safely.

We’d recommend making these decisions at least two months out from your big move, so you give yourself plenty of time to sell or dispose of items.

Starting the packing process

Proper packing can take longer – usually much longer than many people think or plan! We recommend starting this process at least two weeks before your move date (perhaps longer, depending on the size of your home and the number of rooms).

Start by packing away any non-essentials and items you won’t be needing before your move. It can be helpful to start with rooms that have become used for storage, such as garages, spare bedrooms and lofts, as sorting through these rooms can usually take longer.

When you’re ready to start packing, you’ll need:

Packing boxes and sturdy packing tape.
– Bubble wrap, old newspaper or old blankets/towels to wrap valuables.
– Sticky labels to mark items (your professional removalists may provide branded labels to fill out and use).
– Permanent marker to keep track of which boxes belong to which room.

It’s also helpful to find all your suitcases or large, sturdy containers that can be used to help pack and transport items. This can save you some money on boxes and help further organise items.

Many removalists also offer packing services that take place on the moving-out day too.

Prepare for changes

There are usually lots of little things people don’t think about when moving that need to be sorted further down the line.

Common ones include:

1. Changing your address: One of the easiest ways to do this is to set up a postal re-direction with Australia Post. They require a 30-day notice to set this up effectively for you. Make sure you change your address with all the essential organisations (like banks). You can then use the re-direction to help contact other organisations you may have forgotten about!

2. Keep important documents safe: Find a safe place for all your important documents such as passports, birth certificates, financial records etc. You don’t want these going missing or being misplaced during your big move.

3. Don’t make big purchases: About two weeks before your move, plan your meals and food to use up as much as you already have in your cupboards and fridge. This can help reduce the amount you have to move, but also, some states – like Tasmania – won’t allow you to bring in certain produce.

4. Make time to say goodbye: Planning such a big venture can be time-consuming so don’t forget to schedule plenty of time to say goodbye to friends and family. It might even be helpful to get the help of others to help plan one big send-off party so you can create lots of happy memories before you go.

Your last few days

In the lead-up to your moving day, you’ll need to ensure your property is fully clean and tidy (as much as possible at this stage) and that everything is ready for you.

You may want to schedule cleaners to come in after you have officially moved everything out. If you’re renting, you can speak with your agents to help them organise this. If it’s your own property, you could hire a contractor or speak with the new owners to arrange something that works for everyone.

Check with your removalists to confirm the time they’ll be arriving and if there is anything you need to prepare for the day. They should have already discussed the full steps with you, but it’s always good to check.

On the actual day of your move, remember to eat and look after yourself. Stay hydrated and speak to your family and movers for support if it all starts to feel too much. It’s a big event! It’s okay to feel overwhelmed as you start this big transition.

When everything is loaded into your moving truck, do one final walk-through and check for anything you might have missed.

Then you’re ready to say goodbye and start your new adventure!

Don’t go it alone

Our biggest tip when planning this type of move is to ensure you get the best professional support.

At Total Moving Solutions, we help you go the distance. Not only can we easily move your furniture, delicate items and belongings, but we can also handle all packing and unpacking for your convenience. We take pride in providing a stress-free, easy and affordable process.

Count on us to treat your belongings as we would our own. Get in touch today to discuss your interstate moving needs.